front-end developer


interface designer


Nicolas Lagarde

What I do

  • Technical lead

    A strong background of PHP / Zend Framework developer. Clear exchanges with technical teams.

  • Front-end development

    Well structured, optimised, future proof and compatible code. Interactivity, fluid transitions and responsive designs.

  • User Experience

    Flowing user journey.

    Precise mockups, feedbacks and interactions.

  • Interface & interactive design

    Simple, sharp and efficient user interfaces.

    Accessible & user-centered, with good-looking little details.

Selected projects

Olivier Boé

Olivier Boé

A minimalist user interface, that I've created and built with Flash and Away 3D, to show the work of Olivier Boé.

On the back-end, it uses the custom content manager I developped with The Quest, based on Zend Framework.

Paris Autrement

Paris Autrement

Paris Autrement is the leader in short term rental apartments in Paris, Le Marais. I work with the team since the launch, in 2008, to regularly improve the user interfaces, propose new functionnalities to their customers, and develop new operating features for the back-end.
As a technical lead, I supervise the work of an enginering team, who develops with Symfony.


A hunter shoots a bear!

TippExperience, the wordwide hit campaign that exploded on YouTube with 20.000.000+ views.

In just two weeks I developped for Grouek the front-end AS3 experience and the back-end structure with keyword-matching algorythm. And little tricks using Levenshtein distance for those who are not particularly good at spelling...

More projects